Humidity foundation

Waterproofing of moisture rising by capillary lift

This type of moisture is easily identified by simple observation. Normally the water is absorbed from the foundation footer and rises gradually until the rate of absorption is balanced by evaporation. The rising water dissolves some of the salts contained in the constituent material of the wall and drags. To evaporate, deposited on the surface, leaving the edge of a line of salt moisture. The foundation moisture is not more than 150cm, although several factors may reach 3 feet tall.

Staining begins wallpaper, peeling or blistering paint, in a second stage, begin to loosen the plaster. All this is accompanied by the smell of damp and cold that comes from the soil and the bottom of the walls, depreciates the value of the home and substantially increases energy expenditure.

However, the main problem it causes, is the deterioration of the health of those living in the home, especially children, because the humidity is greater than one meter in height. Of course also covers damage furniture, carpets, clothes and all that is in our home.

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